The Diaper Sprayer Review!

If you are a cloth diaper addict like me, you know that eventually one of the “must have” items you’ll need to purchase is a diaper sprayer. Luckily, The Diaper Sprayer carries a variety of sprayers to choose from!

My husband began to question me what the next step was for dirty cloth diapers once our daughter started transitioning from exclusively breastfed to beginning solids.  I told him that we had to get a diaper sprayer so it was my job to find the best one out there!

The Diaper Sprayer easily attaches to your toilet without the need for an expensive plumber.  If my husband can hook it up, chances are, yours can too!  Included with your diaper sprayer is everything you need plus extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  My husband had our diaper sprayer up and running in less than 20 minutes.  All he needed was an adjustable wrench and a drill to mount the sprayer to our bathroom wall.  The white matches perfectly and you hardly notice it’s even there!

Unlike some low quality versions of diaper sprayers, you can rest assured that The Diaper Sprayer is made with quality parts.  Why risk the chance of buying an inexpensive sprayer only to have it leak or even rupture causing flood damage to your home.  This was not a risk I was willing to take!  Plus, all the sprayers found on The Diaper Sprayer are backed by a limited 1 year warranty and Microban Technology.  A great feature about The Diaper Sprayer is its “T” style control valve.  This controls the pressure of the sprayer.  This way, the tank of the toilet fills quickly and water pressure to the hand spray is reduced to a lower pressure. Then you can use the built in hand trigger on the sprayer to reach the desired spray pressure.

Head on over to The Diaper Sprayer and pick out which one will work best for you!  Free shipping for US orders!

One lucky reader will win their own diaper sprayer from The Diaper Sprayer (RV $38.99)!
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