Soothing Company Brazilian Style Hammock Review!

Soothing Company is a website that offers hundreds of soothing products for your home or garden.  They even have a website, Soothing Walls, that offers a large selection of water fountains.  A Brazilian Style Hammock is just one of the products they offer to help you soothe away your worries!

When thinking about ways to unwind, what are some things that come to mind?  Reading a book?  Taking a bath?  How about relaxing out in nature in a strong, comfortable, breathable fabric hammock?  Soothing Company has just what you need!
This Brazilian Style Hammock comes with everything you need to start relaxing and unwinding.  Contained inside the drawstring carry bag are metal eye screws and hooks.
These thick rope loops reinforced with metal on the inside assure me that this hammock is built to last!
At 3’4″ wide and 6’5″ long, you’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy this hammock.  The overall total length of the hammock is 9’3″ long and will hold up to 220 pounds!
Look at these colors!  I love the Guacamole fabric choice I selected!  There are so many other color selections to choose from too!

While I have not had the chance to get my hammock set up from Soothing Company (my trees are a little farther apart than I thought), I am rather excited to try it out in the near future.  You may even consider purchasing a hammock stand which can also be found on Soothing Company’s website!  I see relaxing in my hammock in my near future and maybe you will too!

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