Softball Mom’s Survival Guide Ebook Review!

Softball Mom’s Survival Guide written by Janis B. Meredith is a must read for all parents with a daughter that plays the sport!

Where we live, softball is THE sport and everyone knows it.  My husband and I even joked about this when we found out our final child was a girl.  We just know it’s in the water around here to have girls so they can play softball.  Since my step-daughter plays softball, I just knew I had to get my hands on this guide.

Each chapter offers excellent tips and information that every mom should know!

1 – Safety First
2 – Nutrition Guide
3 – Cutting Costs, Saving Time, Staying Organized
4 – Dealing with Dad
5 – Dealing with the Coach
6 – How You Can Best Help Your Daughter’s Team
7 – How You Can Motivate your Daughter to Try Harder
8 – How You Can Keep from Striking Out as a Softball Mom
9 – Dealing with the Drama of Softball
10 – Help your Daughter Learn Mental Toughness

I enjoy watching Morgan play softball but it can definitely become challenging.  This ebook touches on every subject and then some.  Some subjects I never really even thought about such as keeping your daughter safe from sexual abuse.  This was something that didn’t even cross my mind.  Her coaches are men and not that I would EVER think they would do anything of the sort, you just never know, plus other children and parents can be perpetrators as well.  You have to educate your daughter’s on what’s appropriate and what’s not.

I found the chapter on Nutrition to be extremely helpful as well.  There are a lot of times where we just take money and buy food from the park stands – not a great idea.  Very rarely do you come across healthy foods and a lot of times they don’t allow you to bring items in.  I’m going to continue to make it a point to bring healthy snacks with us – even if that means we have to go out to the parking lot and eat it.  I also really enjoyed the meal ideas too.

As a mother to four, chapter 3 was extremely helpful.  Since our Rec Department supplies a lot of the equipment, I know there are some things I just don’t need to spend the money on.  I also make sure to ask friends if they have any equipment they are no longer using and would like to donate or sell.  This helps me save some money and I’ve also made the suggestion of hosting an equipment exchange with other parents in our village.

Working with Your Daughter’s Coach was a good one.  A lot of times our daughter’s coach is also coaching his own daughter too.  Fortunately, we’ve enjoyed our daughter’s coaches and have had very few complaints.  There were many excellent tips provided on if problems ever do arise and how to deal with them.

One of the biggest issues some of the parents seem to forget is to respect officials.  Oakfield has a slight reputation for getting a little ugly at games.  We are trying to work on that and I know I can offer some wonderful insight to other parents when sloppy calls are made.  Respect is how we would want our children to respond and that is how we should respond as well.

Chapter 7 was powerful.  This rang especially true with me, “There really is no secret cure, but there is treatment.  That treatment is to encourage her, support her, listen to her, look for those teachable moments when she really is listening to you, and love, love, love on her”.  This is something that I know I mess up on.  I need to really apply this to my life with my step-daughter!

I’m working on becoming the softball mom that I really want to be.  It’s hard work and it takes time.  The Softball Mom’s Survival Guide is helping me to work toward that goal.  All the chapters have their own powerful message and I suggest if  you are a softball mom, you should download a copy today.  I know that I’ll soon be the mother to multiples playing the sport so I’ve got to get the kinks worked out now.

Let Softball Mom’s Survival Guide teach you to begin rewarding more, expressing your love and support for the right reasons, and to teach you daughter to have a healthy self-image for life!

Download a copy today!

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