Slap Koozies Review – Slap One On Today!

Slap Koozies have got to be the neatest thing ever!  I’ve purchased novelty can koozies in the past but find them to be too big and bulky.  The Slap Koozie can easily be stored flat or slapped onto a wrist.

Honestly, half the time I forget that I even own a can koozie.  I usually forget where I stuck it or it’s just too big and bulky to carry around.  This is definitely an innovative and fun way to keep your canned beverage cold without the inconvenience of carrying around a koozie once you finish your beverage.

My husband and I had a great time with these.  He’s a big can koozie fan so he was immediately ready to put one to use.  We had a little birthday party for my brother so we had a few adult beverages in the house to try them out on.

I would highly recommend these as a fun product to help market your business or give as party favors!  My husband always holds a big fantasy football draft party for his friends and these would make a great party accessory for the guys!


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