Punky Bunny Designs Horseshoe Ring Review!

Add a little luck to your life with this dainty Horseshoe Ring from Punky Bunny Designs!

My step-daughter, Morgan, is a big fan of rings.  You don’t know how many I’ve picked out of the dryer that were taken off and left in a pant or sweatshirt pocket.  But as she enters her teenage years (eek!), she’s outgrowing that silly play jewelry and entering a more sophisticated style that requires a more grown up feel, something that I feel Punky Bunny Designs definitely portrays.
Now I must admit, I’m a bit jealous that Morgan gets to sport around this beautiful ring.  I’m not a huge ring person and most times you won’t even see me with my wedding ring on unless we are going out.  I did slip on this ring to admire it before passing it along to her.  It’s an extremely lightweight, comfortable ring.  This is the type of ring you can keep on your finger and not have it bother you one bit.  It lays so nicely on your finger, it doesn’t get hooked up or caught on anything.  It’s the perfect ring for any finger!
Made of silver dipped pewter, this handmade ring is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or for a gift for someone that needs to add some luck to their life.   This ring is perfect for teenagers all the way up to women of any age.  The design is classic and modern at the same time and I love the look of it as well.
Punky Bunny Designs offers rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  You’ll even find glass designs too such as fridge magnets!  I love that Punky Bunny Designs even offers personalized jewelry.  I’ve got my eye on a few pieces, such as the Baby Handprint Necklace and Personalized Mother’s Necklace.  The site breaks down gift options by price so you can find something perfect for your budget!

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