Did you know prefolds are the most commonly used diaper in the United States?  Prefolds are simple to clean, absorbent, durable, inexpensive, and offer your baby a customized fit every time.

Unlike flats, prefolds come with extra layers of fabric sewn in the center for extra absorbency.  Different quality diapers will have varying layers.  Of course, the higher the quality of prefold, the longer they will last and the better they will work.

Prefolds come in many different weights, sizes, varieties, and fabrics.   There are organic, non-organic, bleached, and unbleached.

Unbleached prefolds tend to last longer since they retain their natural oils.  They also tend to be softer and more durable because their fibers have not been chemically weakened by bleach.

Organic prefolds tend to be on the expensive side.  Organic fabrics work better with babies that tend to have more sensitive skin or are prone to rash.

If you plan to use prefolds, you will also need waterproof covers or wraps.  Depending on how you plan to use your prefolds, certain folds require diaper fasteners.  You can use pins or Snappis.  Prefolds can also be used as doublers and pocket stuffers.

Prefolds might not be for everyone.  You’ll have to do some experimenting to see if they are the right fit for your lifestyle.  It’s important to get your hands on a few different types of fabrics to really see what you are dealing with.  Some babies are more sensitive to one type over the other.  Once you get the hang of prefolds, you’ll be showing all your friends and family members how they work!


  • Birdseye Cotton
    • strongest weave
    • longest lasting, will last multiple children
  • Gauze Cotton
    • softest of all weaves
    • not as long lasting
  • Cotton Twill
    • quilted appearance – helps with absorption
    • not as strong as birdseye but softer than birdseye
  • Hemp
    • durable, more absorbent than cotton
    • naturally antimicrobial – resistant to mold & mildew
    • expensive
  • Indian Cotton
    • soft, durable, absorbent
    • fluffs up after washing
  • Terry/Flannel Cotton
    • soft, durable


  • Preemie/Newborn/Extra Small:  5-10 pounds
  • Small:  10-15 pounds
  • Medium:  15-25 pounds
  • Large:  25-35 pounds
  • Extra Large:  30+ pounds
  • 4x8x4
    • First and last number tell you how many layers are on the left and right side
    • Middle number tells you how many layers are in the center

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