Prana SpaCeuticals Organic Hand Sanitizer Review!

Prana SpaCeuticals Organic Hand Sanitizer moisturizes, nourishes, and kills germs all at the same time.  Unlike most alcohol based hand sanitizers which leave your hands feeling dry, Prana Organic Hand Sanitizer is made with organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  This leaves your hands feeling extremely silky smooth and hydrated.

Prana SpaCeuticals Organic Hand Sanitizer is also made with Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil.  This combination helps awaken my senses and leaves my hands feeling clean.  I keep this bottle right next to my daughter’s diaper changing supplies so as soon as I’m finished changing her diaper, I can use it to help feel refreshed.  Plus it helps diffuse the smell around me.

What’s really great is a little goes a long ways.  I only ever use a small drop in my hands and it’s the perfect amount.  It also has a really nice consistency, not all watery like most hand sanitizers.  I’m not afraid to let my kids use it too since I know it won’t harm their delicate skin.  They enjoy the feel and the smell too!

Prana SpaCeutical products are inspired by Earth’s natural resources.  They carefully select sources from the most reputable origins and formulate with Organic Botanicals, Herbs, Nourishing Nut-Oils, Skin Loving Butters and Marine Minerals.

Visit the Prana SpaCeutical website and begin exploring all their great products!


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