Plumber Bums Pocket Cloth Diaper Review!


Plumber Bums began in July of 2012 when Elizabeth and her husband, Howie, decided to begin their journey of an International Adoption.  Besides creating beautiful cloth diapers, Beth, and a little help from her “craft elves”, create tons of other goods and sell them in their online stores.  All funds raised from the sale of all their “adoption wares” goes to help fund their International Adoption.

I had to contact Beth.  What she’s doing is amazing and I wanted to help share her story.  Infertility is a tough subject.  Most go through with whatever necessary to create a child, some give up, and then you have those that forge on and decide to give one of the 143 million orphaned children a home.   Elizabeth and her husband did just that and are doing whatever it take, from rummage sales to their online store, to raise the money to bring home their child from another country.

Okay so let me fill you in on this fabulous diaper!  Besides being made with love, each diaper is constructed with a PUL outer layer with an organic bamboo terry liner.  The insert I received with my fabulous neon polka dot Plumber Bum cloth diaper is a 100% cotton up-cycled t-shirt with a zorb inner layer.

I get a little nervous when it comes to cloth diapers and their fit.  Olive is so petite.  She has the same build as my hubby – tiny waist, no butt, and skinny legs.  I was so shocked at how great the fit of this diaper was on my little Olive.  No gaps, no leaks – just perfect!

Beth has many things for sale in her online store, Compassion for the Orphan and Plumber Bums on Storenvy.  You’ll find many hand crafted items such as cloth diapers, Sharkie Pads menstrual cloths, t-shirts,  laundry soap, and much more.

If you are interested in helping support Beth & Howie’s adoption journey, you can donate directly, make purchases through their online store(s), or even buy coffee!  She even accepts donated fabrics to help make all her fabulous goods!

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