Peek Away 4 in 1 Essentials Nursing Kit Review!


The Peek Away 4 in 1 Essentials Nursing Kit is a must have for all on-the-go breastfeeding mothers.  Peek Away helps to make every nursing and diaper changing experience feel just as comfortable as if you were at home.

Peek Away is an award winning traveling nursing pillow and changing station.  Not only are the Peek Away Nursing Kits super cute and trendy, they are also multi-functional.  Once spring and summer hit, we are constantly on the move.  Between birthday parties, play dates, softball games, cookouts and walks to the park, I need something that is quick and easy to grab that stores exactly what I need.


I love the built in pockets which hold exactly what I need when I’m on the go.  I don’t ALWAYS want to carry a large diaper bag and sometimes I don’t need to.  Even when we take a walk to the park or around town, it’s easy to just grab my Peek Away and go.  It holds everything I need.


Have you ever been somewhere that doesn’t have a changing station?  I know when we are at our 12 year old’s softball games, it’s a huge rarity to find a bathroom with a changing station.  And let’s face it, those flimsy pads that come with diaper bags just don’t cut it.  With the Peek Away, I can change Olive comfortably on a picnic table, the ground, a bleacher, or even in the back of my mini-van.  The pad has a wonderfully soft foam layer and is super sturdy.  I love that I don’t have to rummage through a large diaper bag to find a diaper or wipes, it’s all right in front of me and within arms reach!


Did I mentioned the nursing cover yet?  It’s huge!  When I feel I need some privacy, the nursing cover has got me covered.  I always have my little Olive with me when I teach Sunday School so when she’s hungry, I can slip on the nursing cover and feed her.  It’s 100% cotton and allows for easy viewing of baby’s every move.  Some nursing covers have flimsy necklines which don’t allow mom to easily guide baby to the breast or maintain eye contact.  When you have a great nursing cover, such as the one that comes in the Peek Away Nursing Kit, you can spend more time comfortably and confidently nursing your baby.  There’s even a large, super soft pocket found on the inside of the cover that doubles as a burp cloth.


The comfort and ease of the Peek Away Nursing Kit is amazing.  Having the detachable shoulder strap double as a waist strap allows me to keep the nursing pillow in place – perfect for my squirmy nurser.  It’s the right size and allows me to feed Olive comfortably wherever I am without the need of other bulky pillows or blankets.  It’s also the perfect height too so I don’t have bend over and strain to nurse her.


The Peek Away Nursing Kit features:
– Detachable shoulder strap which doubles as a waist strap to keep the nursing pillow in place
– Nursing Pillow
– Built-in 3 panel foam cushion Diaper Pad
– Built-in removable/refillable wipe case
– Oval Shaped Nursing Cover with adjustable strap
– Built-in pocket on Nursing Cover to use as burp cloth
– Built-in storage pockets/compartment for essential items
– Neoprene canvas/100% cotton which is easy to clean and care for The Peek Away 4 in 1 Essential Nursing Kit is the perfect Baby Shower gift or gift for yourself.  It comes in 3 great prints to choose from.  I love mine more and more each time I use it!


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