No honey, you can’t marry daddy.

My not-so-little Amaya and I had the sweetest talk today while watching The Phantom of the Opera.  The scene where Christine is singing in a beautiful white gown, Amaya had an epiphany.  She very seriously turned to me and said, “Mommy, when I grow up, I’m gonna marry daddy.”

This is by far one of the sweetest things that has ever come out of her mouth.  Normally she’s all attitude, hollering at dad for stinking up the house.   But it took everything in my willpower to not start bawling right then and there.  She loves her daddy so much that she would want to marry him.  But when I gently told her she couldn’t marry daddy because he’s married to me, she then declared that she would marry the next best person.

“Then I’m gonna marry Du-wee-n (Julien)!”

This one surprised me.  Those two can be the most darling little creatures on earth.  But as soon as I comment on how well they are getting along, 30 seconds later I’m snapped back in to reality with the sounds of yelling, screaming, and crying.  You know, that typical sibling rivalry.

Today made me realize that one day my girls will grow up, start dating, and eventually get married.  Morgan is going to be 13 this year.  She’s closer to it than my little girls.  And pretty soon my little girls will be big and I’ll quickly wish to rewind time.

I live for moments like these.  These special talks I get to have during the middle of a lazy day, over a buttery bowl of popcorn, that I think to myself how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom.  How lucky I am to lay in bed with Amaya, greasy fingers and wild hair, and create these memories.

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