mn8 Natural Period Pain Relief Review

Do you suffer from period pain?  How would you like to reduce or completely eliminate period pain month after month, year after year?  What if I told you the other benefits may also include softer skin, shinier hair, stronger nails, a reduction in water retention or bloating, less facial spots, breast tenderness, and/or a reduction in PMS or mood swings?

I was a bit skeptical of the mn8.  Granted, I am exclusively breastfeeding so I haven’t gotten my period back yet (thankfully) but I do suffer from ovarian cyst pain.  When I was around 21, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts.  They tend to come and go and I was told that I would eventually “outgrow” them.  I’m 28 now and still receive the occasional pain here and there.  Sometimes it’s mildly uncomfortable, sometimes it’s pretty painful.  I’m not one to really load up on pills for pain relief so anything that is drug free is right up my alley!  I was intrigued to try mn8 and see if it really would help!

I’ve been wearing the mn8 for a few weeks now.  It’s effortless and to be quite honest, I don’t even realize it’s there.  I merely take it off and snap it back on my underwear when changing.  It’s neither invasive or distracting.  It is discreet and you’d never know I was even wearing it.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t had any significant pains since beginning to wear the mn8.  I also don’t feel as bloated either and that’s great because I’m always drinking copious amounts of water to keep myself hydrated with breastfeeding.  I haven’t noticed as many pains in my breasts and my nails are stronger than usual too.

mn8 has been reported to provide benefits for polycystic ovaries, prolapsed uterus, incontinence, and IBS.  If you suffer from normal period pain, you can wear the mn8 for a few days before your period and the whole time during your period.  If you experience breast tenderness, you can even place the mn8 on the inside of your bra.

mn8 is a completely natural, non-invasive, gentle, and safe alternative to drugs.  This would be perfect for yourself or even for young teens experiencing period pain.  I know I’ll be offering the mn8 to my 12 year old for pain relief!

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