Learning During Dinner

Do you sit down every night with your family for dinner?  What are some things you talk about at the dinner table?  Dinner, for us, is a way to get caught up on what happened in everyone’s day.  We share funny stories, jokes, ideas, and memories.  But today, I thought I’d introduce something different to our dinner time routine.

Today I decided, let’s learn while we have dinner together!  My big kids are at the age where I can start introducing creative ideas to our dinner routine.  So after our prayer and sharing about our day, I suggested we each pick a state and share whatever we wanted about our selection.

Each of us, minus the little kids, picked our own state we wanted to research.  Eddie picked Maine, I picked North Dakota, Morgan picked Nevada, and Julien picked New York.  There are no requirements involved.  Whatever you find interesting about your state is what you’ll report back to the family.

We all have one week to collect our findings.  The sooner you share, the sooner you can move on and pick a new state.  I’m excited to see what each person finds interesting to share.  Julien already sounds like he wants to share about paranormal activities that occur in his state.  I’m still debating on if I want to stick to the facts or focus on something completely different.

Regardless, this fun idea excites me!  I love sitting at the dinner table with my family but this makes me anxious for our next dinner together.  We are limiting ourselves to learning about one state each night so we can discuss it together.  This way we don’t get overwhelmed.  I’m going to print up a state map so we can keep track of what states we’ve learned about and what states we still need to learn about.

Once we are finished with states, Morgan suggested we pick a person to research on.  The ideas are endless!  We could pick a plant, animal, country, or creature.  I’m excited my kids are excited about this new idea!  I hope this sparks an idea for you too spice up your dinner time routine!

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