Just Simply Baby One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

Upon receiving many questions about Just Simply Baby cloth diapers, Just Simply Baby provided me with one of their one-size pocket cloth diapers for review!  If you are just starting out with cloth diapering and are unsure if one-size pocket cloth diapers are for you, or you are an experienced cloth diapering parent looking to add a new brand to your stash, please read on and learn more about Just Simply Baby One-Size Cloth Diapers!

The Just Simply Baby One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper we received is adorable.  I’m in love with it!  The fan designed “cute as a button” pattern is so cute.  The craftsmanship of the diaper is phenomenal.  I would recommend Just Simply Baby diapers to anyone looking for an affordable but excellent quality cloth diaper!
Not only is the diaper constructed with the double gusset feature but it also comes with two microboo inserts.  The double gusset is an additional row of  elastic at the leg of the diaper which offers an extra barrier to contain big messes aka poop explosions.  Microboo inserts are super thick, absorbent, and feature 2 layers of microfiber with 1 layer of  bamboo.
Have I mentioned how much I love one-size diapers?!  If you aren’t familiar with what a one-size diaper is, it means they feature a snap design on the front of the diaper which allows you to adjust from small to medium to large.  Just Simply Baby One-Size Cloth Diapers have snaps that adjust to fit a 7 lb newborn all the way up to a 38 lb toddler.  Not only are you already saving money by cloth diapering, you are saving even more by buying a diaper that will last you until your child shows signs that he or she is ready to potty train!
The fit and quality is great.  You can tell these diapers are constructed with great care.  The snaps, stitching, and elastic all offer a perfect fit for my Olive.  I usually run into problems by the legs since I have a skinny legged baby but not with this diaper.  It almost feels like this diaper was custom made!  The inside layer is super soft and so is the outside.  The  diaper itself isn’t bulky or intrusive.  I love it and I know Olive loves it too!
Have I mentioned the affordability of Just Simply Baby One-Size Cloth Diapers?  No longer do you have to break the bank to invest in quality cloth diapers.  You can choose between solid colors or fun prints.  You can choose to purchase your diaper without inserts, with the microboo inserts, or with a number of different types of inserts.  Solid colored diapers with 2 microboo inserts start at $11.50.  Fun print diapers with 2 microboo inserts start at $12.50.  What a steal!

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Once your order has been confirmed, Just Simply Baby will refund you 10%!

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