Junior Monet Review!

Junior Monet transforms your child’s artwork into a precious keepsake that can be displayed on a customized product of your choosing.  Celebrate your child’s artwork with Junior Monet!

My children all have one thing in common and that is their love for drawing, coloring, or painting.  Whether they are doodling on their tablets, in color books, on plain paper, or in sketchbooks, it’s one thing they can do without fighting!  I have boxes and boxes filled with artwork created by my children that I just cannot bring myself to throw out.  It’s so amazing to dig out and reminisce on the days when they were little and just beginning to be able to draw.  I now love watching my 3 year old’s creativity take over a plain piece of paper.  She could paint for hours on a nice sunny day at our patio table.

It was a rainy morning.  My little artists, still in PJs, were excited to sit down and begin creating their one of a kind artwork.  Loaded with colored pencils, markers, crayons, and rulers, my kiddos were ready.  They were so quiet and so engulfed in their artwork.  It was nice to have a little piece and quiet – and no arguing except for the occasional tiff over someone having a color that the other wanted to use.

Junior Monet is great because I can proudly display my children’s artwork rather than store it in a box in the basement.  I simply mailed in their completed sheets to Junior Monet and in a few days received a code to view their artwork online.  Junior Monet scans the items online for easy viewing.  From there, I was able to view the many items they have to customize with my children’s artwork.  There are tote bags, ornaments, pillows, notebooks, magnets, and so much more.

The hardest part is picking out what keepsake you want your child’s item displayed on!

I chose magnets for Morgan and Julien’s artwork and an art apron for Amaya’s.  They thought it was SO COOL to see their items transformed from a sheet of paper to something they could touch and display.  And now every time Amaya wants to create more artwork for me, she can slip on her apron customized with her drawing and name!

Junior Monet also offers a great art fundraising program designed for schools, PTA’s, churches, and nonprofits.  There’s no paperwork or order forms involved!

Let your child’s imagination run wild with paint, markers, crayons…whatever they want to use to design a special piece of artwork and turn it into a keepsake with Junior Monet!

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