It Works! Review!

So let me say this, I was skeptical.  Can a wrap actually help to tighten and tone my stomach after only 45 minutes?  Can my face look healthier and have an amazing glow after only 45 minutes?  Can a couple scoops twice a day really give me more energy and balance my body’s pH?  Yes, yes, and YES!

Jaree Kneller is a Double Diamond Executive with It Works!  She is also an army wife and mom of 3.  She has used these wraps to help tighten, tone, and firm her waistline so I thought, why can’t I do the same?

Jaree and her husband were kind enough to load me up with a great package to help me experience the It Works! products to the fullest.  Not only did we have a great phone conversation about all the perks that come with being an It Works! distributor, but we also discussed the benefits that come with each product.

Let’s start off with the It Works! product, Greens!  Greens are for those people who don’t eat enough fruits and veggies.  As a breastfeeding mother, it’s important for me to eat a healthy, balanced diet.  I try to do the best that I can but any extra help that I can get in assisting with my nutrition is an extra bonus.  I usually wake up pretty groggy in the mornings.  I co-sleep with Olive so my sleeping isn’t always the best.  After two scoops in my morning juice, I can feel myself perk up.  I don’t like to drink coffee or cappuccino since I’m breastfeeding so this is a much healthier alternative to caffeine!

The next thing up to try were the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators.  I have done 3 out of the 4 wraps so far and let me tell you, I could tell right away after the first one that my clothes were fitting better and my pants felt a lot looser.  Granted, you must drink large amounts of water during the 72 hours of using the wraps but when you are a nursing mother, you tend to drink half your body weight in liquids anyways.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well my skin and body look after 3 wraps.  My tummy feels smoother and I feel like I have more definition as well.  Kind of like I’ve been working out but without the whole sweating and going to the gym aspect.

The wraps are super easy to put on.  I didn’t have any saran wrap in the house to help hold the wrap in place for 45 minutes so I used a compression band instead.  That seemed to work very well and I hardly noticed I had the wrap on except for a menthol like smell and a cool tingly feeling.  I kept myself busy during the 45 minutes and drank some water.  As you can see, the wraps have made a tremendous difference.  I feel like I’m actually getting back that hourglass figure that I once had before having babies.  My stretchmarks are less visible and my skin feels super soft.

(Depending on your eating and exercise habits, you can expect to see results last anywhere form 2-6 months.)

I figured I’d save the It Works! Facial Applicator for the night before Olive’s baptism.  My husband said I looked like the “Man in the Iron Mask” with it on.  All I know is I put it on, waited 45 minutes, removed the mask, rubbed the remaining lotion into my face, and looked like a million bucks.  My face looked hydrated and refreshed.  It felt so smooth and I looked more like a youthful woman rather than a frumpy housewife.

All in all I think that the It Works! products helped to make this mom of 4 feel like a whole new woman.  I feel energized, healthier, toned, and refreshed.  I would recommend anyone to use any of these products that I tried from It Works! and to consider becoming apart of their loyal customer program where you can receive items for a discounted price.


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