I Strip on Fridays!

Olive’s cloth diapers, that is!  I’ll never claim to be an expert at cloth diapering.  I’m still so new at it that I’m basically Googling how to do it every time I change the kid.  But when my poor little Olive’s butt was as red as a pimento, I knew it was time to strip.

What’s so frustrating is Amaya and I spent all Tuesday night, well the length of a New Girl episode, folding and stuffing diapers.  I have been washing my diapers correctly but I guess it’s just inevitable that they will require stripping every so often.  The problem is, we have such hard water where we live.  Our house is a dust ball because of the amount of dry skin that flakes off all of us from the hardness of our water.  It’s just now that we have made the switch to cloth diapering, it’s something I knew I’d encounter.  Plus when Eddie gets upset that I washed the whites with the colors, I can blame it on the mineral deposits making them dingy!

Knowing I had to strip diapers meant a trip to Wal-Mart for some Calgon.  Not a big deal because I had a small list of stuff to get anyways.  The crappy part, I had all four kids with me.  Ahhh!  Plus going to Wal-Mart means I have to dig around the van floor for a quarter to get Amaya some candy bones.

Once I got home and had a cart full of a bunch of crap that wasn’t on my list, I went downstairs to embark on this epic journey.  Got down there and had completely forgotten I already had a tub full of soaking diapers.  Epic journey postponed momentarily.

So I go down the second time, laundry basket filled with my nicely put together stash, to begin my stripping.  I had made sure to crank up my hot water heater earlier since stripping requires super hot water.  I followed the directions on Pin Stripes and Polka Dots and away we went.  I’ve had to do a second rinse so far since there were still lots of suds.  I’ll have to wait and see how many rinses it takes to get rid of all the suds.  Either way, as long as my little Olive’s tush isn’t bright red anymore, I will be happy!  And maybe Amaya will “help” me put all the diapers back together again!  Gotta love Friday nights as a mom of four!

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