Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan Review!

The Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan with adapter is perfect for camping, power outages, or anywhere you may not have an outlet readily available!

If you are an avid camper, have children that attend summer camp, or are in need of a portable fan, the Epica Portable Fan is truly an asset.  When we received the Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan, it was perfect timing because my step-daughter was heading off to summer camp.  She was able to easily use it near her bunk without any problems!

The Epica Fan requires 8 “D” batteries (not included) to run or, if you are near an outlet, you can use the included AC adapter.  Unlike some battery operated fans, the Epica Fan is extremely powerful and will last up to 40 hours on batteries alone.  It’s perfect to take with to outdoor sporting events that offer little to no shade or even while sitting outside sunbathing.  It’s the perfect portable fan for my daughter’s bedroom where I don’t want to run an extension cord.  Plus it’s a great size – not too big and not too small.  And don’t let the 10″ size fool you, it’s packed with power!

There are two fan speeds, low and high, for you to choose from.  I love the built in handle too.  It makes for easy carrying.  The ability to tilt the fan in whatever direction you need is another great feature.  It is actually possible to position this fan and direct the airflow in the exact direction that you need and want it!  The unique U-shaped, anti-tip base, makes this fan extremely stable.  When loaded up with all 8 “D” batteries, it provides extra weight and stability.

All in all, this is the perfect fan for many different situations.  I feel extremely comfortable using this around my 10 month old (with supervision) who gets super fussy in hot, humid weather.  It’s truly proven to be a valuable accessory for our family!

Whether you camp, travel, attend sporting events, enjoy the white noise of a fan to fall asleep to, need a fan for the office, or do not have an outlet close by, Epica’s Portable Fan is the best fan for the job to keep you cool and comfortable!


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