Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin Review!

Being a mom of four doesn’t leave much time for me.  I’m lucky if I can get a shower in most days.  My time is precious so I need a product that is worth my time and energy.  Between everyday stress and a not-so-great diet, my skin really suffers.  I’ve tried a lot of different skin care products in the past but they didn’t work.  The Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin is different.  It’s made my skin look and feel completely different!

So get this, I’m 28 and still suffer from breakouts.  I thought this stuff ended after the teen years; I guess not!  Along with my breakouts is this overall redness.  I also have combination skin so it seems even more difficult to find that perfect balance.  Most skin care products have such harsh ingredients that it causes my face to dry out and become even more red and irritated.

The ingredients found in the Ultimate Clarifying System are natural but strong enough to tackle even the worst acne.  Not only does the system tackle acne breakouts but it also helps to reduce irritation and redness.  One of the ingredients, Resveratrol, is a world-renowned antioxidant that provides anti-aging benefits.  Those are all things I need and want in a skin care system.
The Detoxifying Cleanser with Resvertrol is so gentle.  It’s engineered to deeply cleanse and calm the skin all while removing dirt and oil.  All it takes is a small amount to create a rich lather.  It leaves my face feeling clean, hydrated, and healthy.
While I have active breakouts, I use the Clarifying Cream with Resveratrol.  It’s a powerful, lightweight cream that soothes any irritation I have and clears up the acne.  It leaves my skin feeling silky and a little goes a long way!  I love that it’s a creamy texture that is easy to apply.
When I’m not experiencing active breakouts, I use the Acne Scar Fading Creamwith Acai Berry Extract.  I had and still have a bad habit of picking.  I have some pretty bad scarring in a few areas so I cannot wait to continue using this cream and watch it work.  It also offers great coverage and also leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.
After just a few days of using the Ultimate Clarifying System, I could begin to see a difference.  The redness was fading and my acne was drying up in record time.  My sister even made a comment on how great my skin was looking and asked what I was using.
I can confidentially say that after spending money on several well-known products for acne, I have never received results like I have with the Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin.  It’s amazing!  Stop missing out on life and begin enjoying it with a face free of acne, redness, and irritation thanks to Dermagist’s Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin!

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