Church Camp!

My big kids, Morgan and Julien, would like to go to Church Camp this summer.  In order to go, I explained to them that they needed to help raise money for part of the expense.  Now I’m not expecting them to pay for much but I’d like them to understand the importance of hard work and helping to contribute.  Plus I think it’s a great introduction to missions work for them.  Currently Morgan has a dog walking job 3-4 times a week.  Julien helps her on occasion and they split what she makes.  All money they raise by doing odd jobs for people around our local village and at church will go toward camp.

Julien is interested in attending Treehouse Adventures.  ”Hang out at camp – rustic style – living in a treehouse! Help counselors make a fire to cook meals, hang out at night stargazing, and learn some wilderness skills from shelter building to reading a map and compass. Challenge yourself at the archery range, in a canoe or sailboat! Bring a friend and make some new ones and see what new things God is doing in your life!”

Morgan is interested in attending The Power of Art.  ”Throw paint, dabble in clay, and create art in a whole new way! Discover all kinds of new artistic expressions! Design masterpieces! Explore and express what new things God is doing in your life. There will be plenty of time to relax, play games with new friends and old or enjoy splashing around at the lake. Bring your creative side, get inspired and dive into the power of art!”

Any commission I make during the month of April from my Kitsy Lane Boutique and y Just Simply Baby affiliate code will go towards helping send my children to church camp!  Thank you for helping our mission!

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