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Sticking to a Flat Rate

Some people prefer to pay for variable rates on their utility plans, but I don’t. When you have a variable plan, the amount you use affects how much you pay. While this may be good for some people who know they will only use a small amount of a certain utility at any given time, for those of us who have much more unpredictable lifestyles, this can be a problem. I had a variable company, and had to find an Ohio gas company that offered a flat rate plan, because at times my gas bill was higher than I wanted it to be.

My parents fall on the side of people who prefer the variable plan because they use less. They can cut back a lot on their usage because they don’t do as much as someone in their early 30s. They do this with their other utilities, and there are some things that they don’t even have, because they feel they don’t need them. Continue reading