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Upere Wedge Sneaker Review & Coupon Code!

Upere is a new fashion brand established in 2012.  They specialize in producing high-end, trendy wedge shoes and wedge sneakers.  Not only are they stylish, but they are comfortable too!

Now I must admit, after 4 kids I’m definitely more of the comfortable dressing housewife and mother than chic, stylish fashionista.  I don’t have a personal assistant, hair and make up artist, nanny, or stylist to tell me what looks good or what doesn’t – although my husband does fit in to a couple of those categories.  When I do get a spare moment to think about what doesn’t have boogers or baby food crusted to it, I like to look good and trendy.  Upere is that perfect fit for my lifestyle.  9 chances out of 10, you’ll see me wearing sneakers and that’s great because Upere’s Sporty Wedge Sneakers can be dressed up or down to fit my needs!

Without actually trying a pair of Upere wedge sneakers on, you’d never know how comfortable they really are.  I’m not a heel person and honestly, you would never know there was a 2 inch hidden heel!  I just picked up a new pair of skinny jeans so I knew I had to pair them with my new Upere Wedge Sneakers.  How do you think I look?  I love them!  I don’t feel like a mom of 4 in these shoes.  I feel really hip and trendy and sexy!

The wedge sneaker is comfortable to walk in and it was designed with daily walking in mind. The velcro straps mean no bending over to tie shoes while walking with a baby or toddler in your arms or carrier. I like the adjustability of the velcro straps too. I can tighten or loosen however I want so they are customized just for me. Unlike cheap imitation wedge sneakers you might see out there, Upere Wedge Sneakers are made of premium quality suede leather and sheep skin. They also feature an anti-slipping rubber sole.

My mind has been completely changed about shoes since wearing my Upere Wedge Sneakers.  They are stylish, comfortable, and they look great with skinny legged jeans or leggings.  I cannot wait to show them off even more once the weather gets warmer.  I should mention that the craftsmanship of the sneakers is amazing.  You get what you pay for with Upere – excellent quality!  They even come packaged in dust bags.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that come in such fancy wrapping.  I was highly impressed!

If you are looking to splurge on a great pair of shoes, I would highly recommend Upere Wedge Sneakers!  There are tons of great colors to choose from that will fit in with your style and wardrobe perfectly.  When it comes to ordering your first pair of Upere Wedge Sneakers and you are unfamiliar with European sizing, my only suggestion would be to order a half size bigger than your normal shoe size!  This will prevent you from needing to exchange them!

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Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer Review & Coupon Code!

Empowering our children to make the right choices while teaching them to recognize numbers in the process is exactly what the Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer will do!  This educational gadget is perfect for kids!

My kids have this terrible habit of coming down from their rooms dressed like it’s 30 below when it’s going to be well over 70.  Same goes for in the winter months.  Then I have to send them back up to their rooms to change.  This is so time consuming!  Our Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer is conveniently placed in our kitchen window so we are all able to see what the temperature is to gauge what we should wear for the day!
The Kidknows Thermometer is 10 inches tall and easily attaches to the outside of your window with two suction cups.  The only thing required was my hubby needing to climb up a ladder to stick it to our kitchen window.  The mercury free thermometer is colorful, easy to read, and features pictures of what types of clothing kids should wear at what temperature.  This is a great educational tool for all children, especially those with special needs and autism.  It allows children to independently choose the right outfit to wear by associating degree measurements with easy to understand pictures.

Winner of the 2010 Creative Child Magazine’s Product of the Year Award,Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer will help you and your kids struggle less.  My kids love waking up and checking out the thermometer.  As the temperature rises and falls throughout the day, my kids are always curious to see it change.  It’s helping make our morning routine faster, easier, and a lot more fun!

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