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Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin Review!

Being a mom of four doesn’t leave much time for me.  I’m lucky if I can get a shower in most days.  My time is precious so I need a product that is worth my time and energy.  Between everyday stress and a not-so-great diet, my skin really suffers.  I’ve tried a lot of different skin care products in the past but they didn’t work.  The Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin is different.  It’s made my skin look and feel completely different!

So get this, I’m 28 and still suffer from breakouts.  I thought this stuff ended after the teen years; I guess not!  Along with my breakouts is this overall redness.  I also have combination skin so it seems even more difficult to find that perfect balance.  Most skin care products have such harsh ingredients that it causes my face to dry out and become even more red and irritated.

The ingredients found in the Ultimate Clarifying System are natural but strong enough to tackle even the worst acne.  Not only does the system tackle acne breakouts but it also helps to reduce irritation and redness.  One of the ingredients, Resveratrol, is a world-renowned antioxidant that provides anti-aging benefits.  Those are all things I need and want in a skin care system.
The Detoxifying Cleanser with Resvertrol is so gentle.  It’s engineered to deeply cleanse and calm the skin all while removing dirt and oil.  All it takes is a small amount to create a rich lather.  It leaves my face feeling clean, hydrated, and healthy.
While I have active breakouts, I use the Clarifying Cream with Resveratrol.  It’s a powerful, lightweight cream that soothes any irritation I have and clears up the acne.  It leaves my skin feeling silky and a little goes a long way!  I love that it’s a creamy texture that is easy to apply.
When I’m not experiencing active breakouts, I use the Acne Scar Fading Creamwith Acai Berry Extract.  I had and still have a bad habit of picking.  I have some pretty bad scarring in a few areas so I cannot wait to continue using this cream and watch it work.  It also offers great coverage and also leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.
After just a few days of using the Ultimate Clarifying System, I could begin to see a difference.  The redness was fading and my acne was drying up in record time.  My sister even made a comment on how great my skin was looking and asked what I was using.
I can confidentially say that after spending money on several well-known products for acne, I have never received results like I have with the Dermagist Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin.  It’s amazing!  Stop missing out on life and begin enjoying it with a face free of acne, redness, and irritation thanks to Dermagist’s Ultimate Clarifying System for Acne Prone Skin!

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Ultimate Flora Probiotic Review!

Are you looking for a dietary supplement made with naturally-occurring probiotic cultures to help with your digestive issues?  Look no further because Ultimate Flora Probiotics can help provide you with many health benefits for your digestive system and your whole body!

You might be thinking to yourself, what the heck are probiotics and why would I need them?  Probiotics are the good bacteria that help to keep you healthy by balancing your intestinal flora.  They help enhance digestion, prevent digestive upset, and even help your body absorb valuable nutrients from food during the digestive process.  Did you know that up to 80% of the body’s immune system is associated with the intestinal tract?  Probiotics help to stimulate the immune system by promoting a healthy gut.

Ultimate Flora is different from other probiotics out there.  Ultmiate Flora offers high-potency probiotics that ensure at least 10 billion active cultures per capsule serving.  Plus they offer a unique delayed release system which helps probiotics resist stomach acid. Just one capsule taken on a daily basis should help you to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Since my toddler and husband both seem to be the ones that experience digestive issues, I thought it best to have them both give Ultimate Flora Probiotics a try.  A lot of my friends around me have been talking about probiotics so this was perfect timing!  My 3 year old frequently experiences gas and tummy pains and my husband, oh man…he is just a big ball of gas, upset stomach, and diarrhea.  He is also a diabetic so he needs all the help he can get with his immune system too.

My daughter has been taking the Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic 3 Billion.  It has a great tasting berry-licious flavor, which she loves, and does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.   Another feature is that it is dairy, soy, and gluten free!  We refer to it as Amaya’s “chewy” when it comes time to taking her probiotic.  We always take it between breakfast and dinner.  She actually looks forward to taking it and if I forget, she’s right there reminding me she needs her chewy!

My husband has been taking the Ultimate Flora Daily Care Probiotic 15 Billion.  It contains 15 Billion cultures and 10 strains of health-promoting Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.  It contains no wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, or artificial ingredients.  It’s an easy to swallow vegetable capsule too!

Since both have begun taking Ultimate Flora Probiotics, I’ve seen a significant change in both.  My daughter is less gassy and does not complain about an upset stomach on a daily basis anymore.  She also no longer experiences loose stools.  Come to think of it, my husband is the same too.  He usually comes home from work complaining of an upset stomach but he hasn’t complained in quite some time.  In fact, he also doesn’t clear a room anymore with his gas!  (Sorry honey!)

Overall, when anyone asks me to recommend a probiotic, I always suggest

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Verefina First Aid Ointment Review!

Verefina helps people live happier and healthier lives by creating pure and natural products.  Verefina’s First Aid Ointment is perfect for our start in a more natural direction with our health and beauty products!  Since I’ve begun the switch to more natural and homemade products, I was thrilled when Michelle Tilley, Verefina Independant Consultant, contacted me!

Michelle has battled for a long time with health issues that have plagued her 11 year old daughter’s life.  After 6 years of not knowing what was going on with her daughter’s health and seeing countless specialists, it was discovered that she has pesticides trapped in her cells and requires a complete cell detox.  And do you know how those pesticides got trapped in her cells?  You guessed it, artificially fragranced products that we use in our homes.  These chemicals have reeked havoc on Michelle’s daughter.  She was experiencing daily nausea, migraines, hives, shaking, low body temperature, and heart palpitations – just to name a few.   After eliminating all unnatural products, her daughter’s health greatly improved thanks to the help of Verefina’s natural products.

Do you or someone you know experience something similar to this?  Could it be that they have a similar undiagnosed condition caused by toxins in their cells?  By making small steps in the right direction, we can start cutting back or even eliminating the amount of chemicals we are exposed to every day!

So let me tell you about our small step in that direction with Verefina’s First Aid Ointment.  It’s made with 100% natural ingredients so I don’t feel guilty slathering my children’s boo-boos in this stuff!  With it being nicer outside and sports starting, the more and more boo-boos seem to appear!
Ingredients in Verefina’s First Aid Ointment: beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, tamanu oil, calendula oil, shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip seed oil, loving baby essential oil proprietary blend, tea tree oil, rosemary extract, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, benzoin essential oil
I have used this stuff on just about everything!  Cuts, scrapes, burns, road rash, diaper rash, dry lips, eczema, stretch marks, bug bites, cracked nipples, and just about any and every skin irritation!  This is my new favorite item in my medicine cabinet.  I love the scent and the texture.  Did I mention that the ingredients are unfriendly to bacteria too?!  Exactly what every parent needs in their house!

Contact Michelle Tilley today to learn more about Verefina and their wonderful line of natural products! The Starry Night Kindle Case Review!

Hot Buckles is an online treasure trove of the hottest fashion accessories for women, trendy college crowd apparel and custom items from tablet cases to flip flops and of course, hot buckles & belts too.

If you are looking for a stylish and durable Kindle Fire case, look no further.  The quality and design of’s The Starry Night Kindle Case has exceeded my expectations.  Not only is it an extremely thick hard plastic case, it offers grippy sides to help keep your Kindle in your hands.  The case easily snaps into place and fits the Kindle Fire like a glove.  I love how the corners round the Kindle Fire perfectly to offer a really nice fitted look.

At only 1.7 ounces, this made in USA Kindle case easily snapped on to my step-daughter’s Kindle Fire.  She was so tired of her boring black case that she couldn’t wait to spice up her Kindle with this great conversation starting case.  ”The Starry Night” painting by Vincent van Gogh is such a great idea for a Kindle case design.  You can even choose white or black plastic for the case.‘s Kindle Fire case would make the perfect gift for someone you know that loves their Kindle Fire just as much as my child does!

Don’t forget to check out their belts for men, women, and kids!  You’ll be sure to find the coolest buckle styles and fashions!

Davidson’s Organics and Nature’s Bakery Tea Party!

I was delighted with a good excuse to throw a tea party/play date for my friends and their children with a little help from Davidson’s Organics and Nature’s Bakery!

Davidson’s Organics is a one stop online store that sells teas, herbs, cocoa, and spices.  I was excited when they sent some amazing smelling caffeine-free Rooibos Spiced Chai Tea for my party.  For those of you, like myself, who have no clue about tea, I’ll share with you a little more about the tea from Davidson’s website:

  • Rooibos (“red tea”) is harvested from shrubs grown in the high elevations of the cape regions of South Africa. Rooibos has a full-bodied, rounded character, a slight sweetness, and blends well with green tea, black tea, other herbs and spices. Enjoy this red tea based chai with just the right hint of sweetness and spices. Delicious with milk and sweetener. High in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Rooibos is well-known for its numerous health benefits and calming effects. And it’s completely caffeine-free!

I must admit, I’m not a huge tea drinker but as I get older, I’m being introduced to it more and more and becoming more curious.  I think the intimidation of not knowing if I’m suppose to drink it plain, with milk, with sugar, with honey, or with lemon, is what gets me.  I let my curiosity get the best of me and brewed a cup for myself and a fellow mommy.  The hearty fragrance filled the whole room!  Yum!

The smell was enough to draw you in.  She drank hers with a little milk and I enjoyed mine plain.  Spicy but yet sweet, I enjoyed my cup of tea.  Even my friend’s children enjoyed a few sips too!  Since it’s caffeine free, none of us had to worry about it affecting our sleep or our milk supplies (we are breastfeeding moms!).  The added bonus of the health benefits was appealing as well!  Plus,Davidson’s Organics entire product line is USDA Certified Organic and KSA Certified Kosher!

Now I cannot forget to tell you all about Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars!  They are A-MAZ-ING!  They were such a huge hit with the little kids to the point that I had to shoo them away so others could enjoy them.  If they sent me a case of  these fig bars, they’d probably be gone within a week.  My kids LOVED them and so did the other children and mommies in attendance.  I love that they are an all natural and healthy snack – perfect for play dates and after school snacks!

One of the biggest attractions of the fig bars was that they are cholesterol-free, dairy free, kosher, and all natural.  Another thing – we could pronounce every ingredient on the label!  There are so many flavors to choose from and they are all delicious, no joke!

Nature’s Bakery 100% Natural Fig Bar Flavors Include:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Blueberry
  • Whole Wheat Fig
  • Peach Apricot
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla Fig
  • Vanilla Raspberry

The tea party/play date was a huge success thanks to Davidson’s Organics and Nature’s Bakery.  We were so busy enjoying everything that I forgot to take pictures of us all actually enjoying it!  It was great to get my friends and their children together at my house and enjoy some great tea and bars!

Vision Bedding Custom Comforter Review!

Vision Bedding specializes in products and designs found no where else!  Choose between millions of designs that Vision Bedding has to offer or upload your own photo for a personalized item!

Vision Bedding literally has millions of designs to choose from to fit your unique style.  If you are looking for a personalized item, feel free to upload your own images and design your own product!  There are so many creative possibilities including free text, multiple collage options, and unlimited border colors, just to name a few.  Within 24-48 hours of placing your order, one of Vision Bedding’s professional graphic designers will have your preview available for your approval.  If there is something you want to change, they’ll work with you until it’s just right!  Plus they are so willing to help in any way possible, you’ll be sure to receive exactly what you want!

At Vision Bedding, you’ll find bath decor, flags, wall murals, baby/kids/teen/adult bedding, pillows, window curtains, backdrops, blankets, rugs, banners, fabric, and wall art.  You can even purchase gift certificates!  After going through all the amazing possibilities, I made the decision to give my 9 year old son the opportunity to create a custom collage comforter.  He’s almost 10 and in that in-between phase where he just can’t seem to find a comforter that he likes.  Some are just too kiddie for him and some are just too adult.  Plus he’s got such a quirky personality, it seemed only fitting to allow him the chance to let his creative juices flow!

Julien loves many different things but the 3 things that stick out the most are: anything army, penguins, and video games.  We were able to browse through the library of items and pick out 6 really awesome pictures for his comforter.  He has 2 army themed pictures, 2 video game controllers (Xbox & Playstation), and 2 penguins.  We were even given the option to add his name which was an added bonus.  We also chose the black 320 count sateen cotton for the bottom of the comforter.

It was like Christmas when Julien’s Vision Bedding custom collage twin comforter came.
He could hardly wait to open the box!

Once opened, we couldn’t believe our eyes.  Our masterpiece had come to life!  The comforter is approximately 2″ thick and is extremely plush.  The sateen cotton bottom is so soft and silky too.  I can tell you, this comforter is made to last and is of extremely high quality.  Julien says it is extremely comfortable to sleep with and loves everything about it.  It’s just perfect and exactly what we wanted.  Plus it’s machine washable!

Vision Bedding has been a dream to work with.  Their customer service is amazing!  They took my son’s ideas and brought them to life.  He’s so excited to have exactly what he’s always wanted in a comforter.  I love that it shows his fun, creative, and quirky side.  It brightens up his room and is such a beautiful piece of artwork!

The comforter just screams Julien , literally!  It’s so amazing what this company will do to make sure their customers are satisfied.  I know we are and you will be too!  A huge thank you to Vision Bedding!

Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer Review & Coupon Code!

Empowering our children to make the right choices while teaching them to recognize numbers in the process is exactly what the Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer will do!  This educational gadget is perfect for kids!

My kids have this terrible habit of coming down from their rooms dressed like it’s 30 below when it’s going to be well over 70.  Same goes for in the winter months.  Then I have to send them back up to their rooms to change.  This is so time consuming!  Our Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer is conveniently placed in our kitchen window so we are all able to see what the temperature is to gauge what we should wear for the day!
The Kidknows Thermometer is 10 inches tall and easily attaches to the outside of your window with two suction cups.  The only thing required was my hubby needing to climb up a ladder to stick it to our kitchen window.  The mercury free thermometer is colorful, easy to read, and features pictures of what types of clothing kids should wear at what temperature.  This is a great educational tool for all children, especially those with special needs and autism.  It allows children to independently choose the right outfit to wear by associating degree measurements with easy to understand pictures.

Winner of the 2010 Creative Child Magazine’s Product of the Year Award,Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer will help you and your kids struggle less.  My kids love waking up and checking out the thermometer.  As the temperature rises and falls throughout the day, my kids are always curious to see it change.  It’s helping make our morning routine faster, easier, and a lot more fun!

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JOLLY TIME Smart Balance Pop Corn Review!

It’s time to snack happy with JOLLY TIME Smart Balance Pop Corn!  This is a tasty and timeless treat you won’t feel guilty snacking on!  If you are health-conscious but love flavorful foods, you’ll be in for a real treat!

Instead of reaching for something unhealthy for you and your kids to munch on, try JOLLY TIME Butter and Butter Light Microwave Pop Corn made with the Smart Balance unique blend of oils.  Independent, online research found that consumers trust the Smart balance name.  I know I’m one of them!

Not only is this popcorn mouth-watering and buttery, it also naturally has ZERO grams of trans fat and absolutely NO hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.  JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is even gluten-free and is an excellent way to add whole grains into your diet!  Imagine my surprise when my whole family couldn’t get enough of JOLLY TIME Smart Balance Pop Corn.  It’s delicious!

The Smart Balance blend is licensed exclusively for use in JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and contains a unique blend of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats.  The Smart Balance brand provides superior tasting, heart healthier alternatives in many product categories by avoiding trans fats naturally, balancing fats and/or reducing saturated fats, and adding beneficial ingredients that people may be missing in their diets.  You can find JOLLY TIME Pop Corn made with the Smart Balance unique blend at select U.S. retailers in 3 pack boxes and individual trial bags.

Each week until July 15, fans of JOLLY TIME on Facebook, can enter to win a thematic prize or one of 75 free JOLLY TIME Popcorn made with Smart Balance product coupons.  Find JOLLY TIME on Twitter too!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Review!

Do you remember my post awhile back about straws?  Little did I know that I could cut down waste by introducing my children to reusable stainless steel drinking straws!

Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws have helped us cut down on waste but have also kept dangerous chemicals out of my children’s mouths.  Plastic straws contain toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates.  Epica’s food-safe stainless steel is completely safe and won’t damage your health.  Made from 18/10 stainless steel, these straws won’t rust, scratch, chip, or break.  You can expect to see these straws look just as good as new for years to come.

These straws are dishwasher safe or can be hand washed with the included cleaning brush.  The included cleaning brush can even be used to clean out other reusable straws you may have around your house, such as sippy cup straws.

Think about how many straws end up in a landfill each year.  You and your family can cut down on waste and sip in style.  Epica’s Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are bent just like plastic straws and feature an angled top for easy drinking.  I think they are so stylish and my kids have ditched plastic straws and will only use these!  They work perfectly in the cups with lids we commonly use too!

Make the switch to Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – they are healthier, kinder to the environment, and just plain cool!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Junior Monet Review!

Junior Monet transforms your child’s artwork into a precious keepsake that can be displayed on a customized product of your choosing.  Celebrate your child’s artwork with Junior Monet!

My children all have one thing in common and that is their love for drawing, coloring, or painting.  Whether they are doodling on their tablets, in color books, on plain paper, or in sketchbooks, it’s one thing they can do without fighting!  I have boxes and boxes filled with artwork created by my children that I just cannot bring myself to throw out.  It’s so amazing to dig out and reminisce on the days when they were little and just beginning to be able to draw.  I now love watching my 3 year old’s creativity take over a plain piece of paper.  She could paint for hours on a nice sunny day at our patio table.

It was a rainy morning.  My little artists, still in PJs, were excited to sit down and begin creating their one of a kind artwork.  Loaded with colored pencils, markers, crayons, and rulers, my kiddos were ready.  They were so quiet and so engulfed in their artwork.  It was nice to have a little piece and quiet – and no arguing except for the occasional tiff over someone having a color that the other wanted to use.

Junior Monet is great because I can proudly display my children’s artwork rather than store it in a box in the basement.  I simply mailed in their completed sheets to Junior Monet and in a few days received a code to view their artwork online.  Junior Monet scans the items online for easy viewing.  From there, I was able to view the many items they have to customize with my children’s artwork.  There are tote bags, ornaments, pillows, notebooks, magnets, and so much more.

The hardest part is picking out what keepsake you want your child’s item displayed on!

I chose magnets for Morgan and Julien’s artwork and an art apron for Amaya’s.  They thought it was SO COOL to see their items transformed from a sheet of paper to something they could touch and display.  And now every time Amaya wants to create more artwork for me, she can slip on her apron customized with her drawing and name!

Junior Monet also offers a great art fundraising program designed for schools, PTA’s, churches, and nonprofits.  There’s no paperwork or order forms involved!

Let your child’s imagination run wild with paint, markers, crayons…whatever they want to use to design a special piece of artwork and turn it into a keepsake with Junior Monet!

Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan Review!

The Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan with adapter is perfect for camping, power outages, or anywhere you may not have an outlet readily available!

If you are an avid camper, have children that attend summer camp, or are in need of a portable fan, the Epica Portable Fan is truly an asset.  When we received the Epica 10″ Portable Battery Operated Fan, it was perfect timing because my step-daughter was heading off to summer camp.  She was able to easily use it near her bunk without any problems!

The Epica Fan requires 8 “D” batteries (not included) to run or, if you are near an outlet, you can use the included AC adapter.  Unlike some battery operated fans, the Epica Fan is extremely powerful and will last up to 40 hours on batteries alone.  It’s perfect to take with to outdoor sporting events that offer little to no shade or even while sitting outside sunbathing.  It’s the perfect portable fan for my daughter’s bedroom where I don’t want to run an extension cord.  Plus it’s a great size – not too big and not too small.  And don’t let the 10″ size fool you, it’s packed with power!

There are two fan speeds, low and high, for you to choose from.  I love the built in handle too.  It makes for easy carrying.  The ability to tilt the fan in whatever direction you need is another great feature.  It is actually possible to position this fan and direct the airflow in the exact direction that you need and want it!  The unique U-shaped, anti-tip base, makes this fan extremely stable.  When loaded up with all 8 “D” batteries, it provides extra weight and stability.

All in all, this is the perfect fan for many different situations.  I feel extremely comfortable using this around my 10 month old (with supervision) who gets super fussy in hot, humid weather.  It’s truly proven to be a valuable accessory for our family!

Whether you camp, travel, attend sporting events, enjoy the white noise of a fan to fall asleep to, need a fan for the office, or do not have an outlet close by, Epica’s Portable Fan is the best fan for the job to keep you cool and comfortable!


Punky Bunny Designs Horseshoe Ring Review!

Add a little luck to your life with this dainty Horseshoe Ring from Punky Bunny Designs!

My step-daughter, Morgan, is a big fan of rings.  You don’t know how many I’ve picked out of the dryer that were taken off and left in a pant or sweatshirt pocket.  But as she enters her teenage years (eek!), she’s outgrowing that silly play jewelry and entering a more sophisticated style that requires a more grown up feel, something that I feel Punky Bunny Designs definitely portrays.
Now I must admit, I’m a bit jealous that Morgan gets to sport around this beautiful ring.  I’m not a huge ring person and most times you won’t even see me with my wedding ring on unless we are going out.  I did slip on this ring to admire it before passing it along to her.  It’s an extremely lightweight, comfortable ring.  This is the type of ring you can keep on your finger and not have it bother you one bit.  It lays so nicely on your finger, it doesn’t get hooked up or caught on anything.  It’s the perfect ring for any finger!
Made of silver dipped pewter, this handmade ring is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or for a gift for someone that needs to add some luck to their life.   This ring is perfect for teenagers all the way up to women of any age.  The design is classic and modern at the same time and I love the look of it as well.
Punky Bunny Designs offers rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  You’ll even find glass designs too such as fridge magnets!  I love that Punky Bunny Designs even offers personalized jewelry.  I’ve got my eye on a few pieces, such as the Baby Handprint Necklace and Personalized Mother’s Necklace.  The site breaks down gift options by price so you can find something perfect for your budget!

Spark of Amber Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Necklace Review!


Spark of Amber carries a wide variety of amazing and authentic Baltic Amber products straight from Lithuania and the Baltic region.  With fast and FREE shipping, Spark of Amber has something for everyone!

I have always believed in the powers of Baltic Amber.  When my 3 year old was teething, she always had on her Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.  Even now when she complains of her molars coming through, I’ll stick a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace on her to help take away the inflammation and pain.  You’ll see my little Olive with a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace on almost always as well.

I was excited to get my hands on one of Spark of Amber’s Tranquility Hazelwood and Baltic Amber necklaces.  I’ve heard so many great things about Hazelwood that combined with Baltic Amber, I knew this would be a powerhouse necklace.  Hazelwood has long been used in Europe as a traditional remedy to help with such ailments as eczema, heartburn, morning sickness, acid reflux, headaches, heartburn, and arthritis.  The healing oils of Baltic Amber, which is a fossilized resin, is said to relieve teething pain, tame baby’s irritability and relieve inflammation in the throat, ear, and stomach.  Baltic Amber is also greatly prized by Europeans for its claimed 100% natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and calming properties.

The quality of this necklace is outstanding.  This necklace was handcrafted with authentic Baltic Amber rounded beads and naturally grown Hazelwood from Lithuania.  It’s a comfortable and lightweight necklace that my 10 month old wears constantly.  She doesn’t even notice it is there most days.  I have noticed she sleeps better at night and her demeanor is much more relaxed and calm throughout the day.  Since the oils are released through contact with the skin, it’s working the whole time she has it on.  She just recently popped 4 teeth without the need of any tylenol or pain relievers!

You’ll notice that the necklace features a twist screw clasp which I find to be incredibly durable and safe.  Baltic Amber and/or Hazelwood Necklaces are not meant to be sucked on or chewed on.  They are meant to be worn against the skin to receive the most benefit!  I just tuck it in my daughter’s shirt and you’d never know it was there!

A lot of places sell Baltic Amber but Spark of Amber ensures their Baltic Amber is authentic.  They even quality test all jewelry before shipment.  Plus they offer FREE shipping.  How awesome is that?!  Since A LOT of my friends enjoy the benefits of Baltic Amber for themselves and their children, you bet I’m going to be telling the all about Spark of Amber’s quality and craftsmanship….and FREE shipping!


BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches Review!

Itch Relief Patches are fast-acting, medicated patches that help relieve pain and itching from pesky bug bites and other skin irritations.  These little miracle patches have been life savers for us.  My 3 year old, Amaya, swells up terribly over insect bites and itches them until they bleed.  I’ve done creams and gels and find them to either not work at all, or worse, cause her more pain from the  harsh ingredients.

I’ve been able to really put BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches to the test on myself, my daughter, and my daughter’s friend.  As soon as my daughter knew I had these in the house, she suddenly became “itchy” all over.  I, of course, did not cover her in patches but explained to her that these would help if she got a naughty mosquito bite.  Low and behold, after a busy afternoon playing with the neighbor girl outside, they both came in with mosquito bites.

Knowing that I had these awesome miracle workers in the bathroom cabinet, my daughter grabbed the box, brought it over to me, and we got to work.  I carefully peeled off the circular patch from its plastic backing and placed on each one’s bite.  Instant gratification and relief!  Goodbye messy itch creams and gels!  These patches effectively covered the mosquito bites and neither girl itched once.  They are great in the fact that they are nearly invisible once placed on the skin.  I love that each patch offers the bite protection from scratching and bleeding.  Plus, they are totally noninvasive.  I can put these on my kids and they forget they are even there!

I even used a BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patch on a bee sting I received on my finger.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve gotten stung by a bee and there was one stuck to the handle of my cloth grocery bag.  When I grabbed the handle, I felt a pain in my finger and sure enough, there was a bee sting on my finger.  I knew right away that I could use a BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patch to assist in the pain associated with bee stings.  It worked like a charm!  And even though the sting was on an awkward part of my finger, the patch stayed in place and held up well.  It’s generous size relieved the pain from all around the site of the sting, not just the wound.  I was amazed!

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Gumdrop Drop Tech Series iPad Case Review!

Keep your iPad safe with a Gumdrop Drop Tech Series iPad Case!  An affordable and rugged case that offers maximum protection for your device.

My 3 year old is addicted to my iPad.  This means, I need a case that can withstand the bumps and bangs of being lugged around all over the place by a rather clumsy little girl.  She loves playing educational games and letting her creativity flow on drawing apps so I don’t want to hold her back because I don’t want my expensive iPad broken.  Since receiving our Gumpdrop Drop Tech Series iPad Case, my mind has been put to ease when the occasional drop occurs.

An extremely easy to snap on case makes adding the Drop Tech Series Case a “snap”!  This case offers protection for your iPad and it’s delicate screen.  The dual material construction conforms to fit the iPad and features multiple layers of shock absorption plus reinforced rubber bumpers for each corner.  I also have the security of knowing each port is safely covered so sticky hands or random toys can’t get shoved into places they shouldn’t go.
The superb quality of the Gumpdrop iPad Drop Tech Series Case is unmatched by anything else I’ve seen.  I have been using it for almost 2 months now without any issues or concerns.  The durability has amazed me through several pretty serious drops, including one out the back of a stroller onto concrete.  I can safely say that I no longer bite my nails and sweat over each time my 3 year old feels the need to run with iPad in hand.  I’m confident that the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series iPad Case has got my back (and my iPads)!

Gumdrop features cases for phones, iPads, Macbooks, and Tablets!

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