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Alphabet Soup Busy Beads Nursing Necklace Review!

I adore my Alphabet Soup Busy Beads Nursing Necklace.  This Canadian company specializes in handmade, personalized pacifier clips and nursing necklaces.  From the crocheted embellishments to the natural wooden beads, these necklaces are not only stylish for mom, but a happy distraction for a nursing baby!

While nursing, your little one can explore the textures and focus on the task at hand – eating!  I know, at 13 months, Olive is definitely easily distracted.  If I don’t have this necklace on, she’s pulling at my shirt or pinching my boob (nursing moms, you know what I mean).  I would much rather have this stylish necklace on to help keep her attention – plus it looks great even when she’s not nursing!

As a breastfeeding mom, we all know the importance of nursing in order to keep up our milk supply.  While wearing my Busy Beads Nursing Necklace from Alphabet Soup, Olive is nursing longer and is less distracted by the world around her.  This allows me to relax and know that she’s filling her belly, a real win win for all of us!

Alphabet Soup ensures that all of the materials and construction used to create their products are safe, non-toxic, lead and nickle free.